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Thinking about writing a book but aren't sure where to start or which direction to go?
We're here to help.

Good pilots rely on good navigators. Good captains rely on good first officers. Good explorers rely on good guides. If you're a would-be author, you can rely on our seasoned writing professionals
to ease you toward the destination of a finished manuscript.


My Story

Even as a young girl, I knew the power of storytelling. I'd started sashaying around the block, interviewing our neighbors, at the tender age of 4: I was eager to hear their news so I could retell it to others, and my audience loved what they heard! My first official by-lined news article, about the new teen center in town, was published ten years later, and seeing my name in print had me hooked. As a college student, I never wavered in my choice of major (journalism), then honed my craft working as a reporter, marketer, and author. I later founded a full-service literary consultancy and transmedia company called Write Advisors to help non-fiction writers achieve the dream of publishing.

After releasing my personal 10th book, I realized how important it was to get back to the basics of writing and storytelling. I founded this new company, Write Along With You, to guide writers of both fiction and non-fiction. Write Along With You uses practiced approaches and proven methodologies to collect, organize, and polish ideas to assist our writing clients. Let's talk about your project ! Your writing goals are within reach.


Group Lessons

Single or Recurring Writing Clubs

In Group Lessons, especially 6-10 students, there is a dynamic that allows each to benefit from multiple viewpoints. Writing takes time, practice, and hard work, and being in a club can make it even more productive. With a variety of engaging and thought-provoking activities, these lessons help writers flourish - and have fun.

Individual Consulting

Customized Lessons to Fit Your Progress

Have you started your book, or is it still an idea on a napkin? Your consulting needs depend on which stage of the writing process you're in: new idea, first draft, full manuscript, or somewhere in between. Schedule a time to review your materials or discuss your ideas, to help you discover next steps.


Ask us about co-writing and ghost writing options as well.

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Manuscript Review

Feedback at Your Comfort Level

As a writer, I know how difficult it can be to hear feedback on your writing. However, having your work reviewed can prepare you for the nuances of academic press, traditional trade press, hybrid press, digital, or self-publishing. In these reviews, we identify potential pitfalls and work with you in a thoughtful and constructive way to avoid them in your final manuscript.

Ask us about manuscript editing as well.

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“I've got plenty of material -- articles, blogs, etc. I didn't know how to put them into a book until I found Write Along With You.”

Andy Jackson


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